Why Is Boxing Good for Weight Loss?

Why Is Boxing Good for Weight Loss?
Top 5 reasons why boxing is good for weight loss and getting into shape

Boxing, as, a form of martial art and solo sport, has been around for centuries1. Some people practice it as a form of self-defence while doing it as a part of their workout regime. People are usually drawn to boxing because it is enjoyable and fun. Plus, it guarantees drastic improvements to wellness and overall health. For those looking to lose weight, boxing is incredible.

Do you want to know why is boxing good for weight loss? Check out the top 5 ways boxing helps you lose weight fast:

Burns Fat and Builds Lean Muscle

Boxing is an effective fat burner. Once you start getting lean and melting fat, boxing will show you what your prime condition is. And before you even know it, you will boast a body of a supremely conditioned professional athlete.

You will start noticing a loss in weight after a few sessions. A one-hour session, of boxing to lose weight can burn up to as many as 1000 calories2 which is huge. Combine that with a proper diet, and it will work wonders for your physique.

Of course, burning fat isn’t complete without lean muscle. Boxing techniques and movements let you build lean muscle to get ripped. So, if you want well-defined abs, arms, and chest, boxing can get you there. 

Plus, the belly fat is linked to toxins that can cause a higher risk of several diseases. Belly fat can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancers like colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and oesophageal cancer. Boxing decreases visceral fat around the waist and the medical risks associated with it.

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Engages the Entire Body

Contrary to popular belief, boxing is not just about punching a punching bag. It is so much more than that. There is footwork, head movement, defensive movements like weaving and bobbing, and so many more combinations3. There are also exercises to develop speed and power associated with boxing. Boxing is truly a full-body workout that works the entire lower body and upper body.

Boxing workout stimulates muscle fibres never used before, which is why, after training for some time people discover explosion and strength they never had before. The reason behind this is that most of the muscles worked in boxing are fast-twitch muscle fibres. These muscles, are usually neglected in traditional workouts. Most importantly, boxing engages the most important muscle of the human body — the heart.

After training, your heart becomes healthier, and your body regulates oxygen more efficiently, leading to enhanced energy management. A good quality cardio workout is important, for weight-loss, and martial arts offers numerous opportunities to work your heart.

It Is an Intense Cardio Workout

Cardio is your best bet if you want to shed copious amounts of weight. But sweating it out on a treadmill can be boring. While steady-state cardio like spending hours on the same exercise can definitely help you burn calories and get rid of the excess weight, it’s very difficult to keep up with it because it can get stale.

That is where boxing HIIT workout comes in, the ultimate cardio workout that works the lower and upper body.

Boxing trains cardiovascular endurance and strength better than the majority of workouts. It can condition your body into an energy-efficient machine. The rigorous and intense pad work movements in boxing, succeeded by the constant fast-paced continuation of punching and striking techniques is excellent at developing improved anaerobic and aerobic respiration.

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Serious Calorie Burner

Boxing is one of the most effective high impact cardio workout that delivers a jaw-dropping level of calorie burn. Cardio boxing workout sheds more calories as compared to any other kind of cardiovascular exercise. For those who want to know, how many calories does boxing burn before they try it: a normal boxing session can burn up to a massive amount of 1000 calories, as mentioned above. 

When boxing is compared to other staple exercises in cardio such as jogging (398 calories), running (544 calories), and walking (243 calories), one session of boxing burns more calories and beats them all. So, if you are looking for an exercise that helps you lose weight fast and achieve your weight loss goals quicker than other exercises, then boxing weight loss will surprise.

Plus, It Is Fun

Last but not the least, and possibly the most influential, is that during boxing exercises, you will have a lot of fun. It is not just an answer to how to lose weight drastically but also, the answer to how to have fun while working out.

Fun is an important part of a fitness program. If you do not have fun with the exercise you do, working out will become a burden for you, and you won’t feel like exercising. Boxing engages both the body and the mind. It is a mental exercise as well as a physical one. It will keep you engaged and interested as long as you keep doing it.

So, Is Boxing a Good Workout for Weight Loss? (Final Thoughts)

Boxing has numerous benefits. One of them is getting lean and fit and being the solution for how to lose weight drastically. If you are in the search, of the best workout to lose weight and get in the best shape, then you need to give boxing a try.


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